Steffani's Silver Songsters

and other associated boys' choirs


Welcome to the only site dedicated exclusively to Arturo Steffani, (the stage name of Frederick William Wisker), and to all the boys who were employed by him between 1934 and 1948 to sing in his most famous choir Steffani's Silver Songsters, as well as those who peformed in his other acts, Steffani's Sixteen Singing  Scholars, The Harlem Pages, The Melody Makers,  The Harmonichords and Steffani's Sixteen Abbey Singers.  

Frederick Wisker, (1904-1974), regarded himself as a teacher of stagecraft and boy vocalism.  During his years in show business he demonstrated many musical talents, starting out as a singer and pianist and progressing to a choir leader who passed on his knowledge to hundreds of young boys, as well as being a producer of pantomimes and revues.  He also enjoyed considerable success as a conductor, musical arranger and composer.

You have been listening to Steffani's Silver Songsters singing 'The Wizard of Oz Selection' recorded on 9th February 1940.     Rex  9763 (10")